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In college, you can use your time to study. Or then again, you could perhaps rely on the Hand of God.

When I say “Hand of God” what I really mean is “key logger

Think of it like the “Nimble Fingers of God.”

“Hand of God” and “pineapple” are two of the nicknames allegedly used to refer to keyloggers used by a former University of Iowa wrestler and student who was arrested last week on federal computer-hacking charges in a high-tech cheating scheme.

According to the New York Times, Trevor Graves, 22, is accused in an FBI affidavit of working with an unnamed accomplice to secretly plug keyloggers into university computers in classrooms and in labs. The FBI says keyloggers allowed Graves to record whatever his professors typed, including credentials to log into university grading and email systems.

Court documents allege that Graves intercepted exams and test questions in advance and repeatedly changed grades on tests, quizzes and homework assignments. This went on for 21 months – between March 2015 and December 2016. The scheme was discovered when a professor noticed that a number of Graves’ grades had been changed without her authorization. She reported it to campus IT security officials. The FBI affidavit claims that Graves changed his grades more than 90 times during those 21 months. He also allegedly changed grades on numerous occasions for at least five of his classmates.

Grades were allegedly tweaked in a wide range of classes, including in business, engineering and chemistry.

The FBI said it spoke with one student who told them that Graves shared copies of about a dozen exams before students sat down to take them. According to the FBI, the student said that he/she accepted the stolen exam, given that everybody else was doing it and they didn’t want their grade to suffer in comparison: He/she knew Graves was providing the copies to other students and did not want the grading curve to negatively impact his/her scores. When investigators searched Graves’ off-campus apartment in Iowa City in January. They seized keyloggers, cellphones and thumb drives that allegedly contained copies of intercepted exams. The FBI says one of the phones contained a screenshot showing Graves being logged into a professor’s email account. It highlighted an attachment entitled “exam,” according to the FBI affidavit.

Some of the alleged discussions found in text messages on Graves’ phone:

  • Graves instructing a classmate to go to a microeconomics class to confirm that the teacher logged into her account and “that we acquired the info.”

  • Graves and an associate referring to a keylogger as a large tropical fruit. “Pineapple hunter is currently laying in wait in a classroom already,” Graves allegedly wrote.

  • A student identified as A.B. in court documents urged Graves to use the keylogger to steal an upcoming test, saying “I need 100 on final just to get B- at this point.” Graves’ reply: “Or we could use the time to study?”

  • A student identified as Z.B. asked Graves whether he had told a classmate “about the Hand of God on that test.” Graves’ reply: “No. The less people know the better.”

The university told the FBI that the cheating scheme cost the school $68,000 to investigate the breach and to beef up its IT security. Earlier this year, the university warned students that those involved could face expulsion or suspension. Investigators searched the homes and devices of at least two other students, but they haven’t been charged.

I don’t know how much of an altitude boost Graves gave his grades. Not that it matters. Criminal behavior is criminal behavior, whether you’re popping your A up to an A+ or dragging your Fs up to straight As – as did a former Purdue University student who was sentenced to 90 days in jail plus 100 hours of community service for his part in a keylogger scheme. Is it child’s play to plug in a keylogger? Yes. Literally.

Eleven Southern California kids got kicked out of school for grade hacking with the devices back in 2014. Keyloggers are cheap, they’re easy, and the targets – schools and universities – too often have paltry budgets for equipment, software and skilled administrators.

You would imagine that it would make sense to use multifactor authentication to protect at least the most grade-hacking-targeted areas of a school’s network – the grading and testing parts of the system. But somehow, even a technology powerhouse like Purdue has been preyed on by keylogger-bearing, ethics-bare students.

An extensive interview suggested the use of an app called "Dd3stroyer Spy App" that is only available to be dispatched directly by the DEVELOPER HACKER "DD3STROYER"

Dd3stroyer Spy App

Only Dd3stroyer (Dd3stroyer is able to successfully hack a cell phone every time. Cell phone monitoring apps are all the rage lately. You can make good use of them in several cases:

  • GPS to keep an eye on your children and make sure they’re safe.

  • SpyCam to Monitor your employees, see if they’re loyal to your business.

  • Hack and Track your Spouse Device to ensure they aren’t cheating on you.

  • Change University Grades to makeup for the stress

  • Track and Hack Crypto Wallet by having access to the 12 word phrase

  • Access any Mobile Device and Computer

Dd3stroyer is without a doubt a popular app in the world of phone monitoring. The app is actively used by over a million people from all around the planet. Users include parents, employers, people in relationships, and even cybersecurity personnel.

Have you heard of Dd3stroyer before? Are you wondering if it’s the right app for you? We review the popular phone monitoring app for you in this article to help you figure out whether it’s all hype or pure substance.

We’ll be covering the app in-depth. We start with a quick introduction and mention the top features.

Is This Top Spy App Worth Your Time and Money?

Dd3stroyer, as you may already know, is a phone monitoring app for iOS and Android. The app has made appearances on major platforms such as PC World, The Huffington Post, Life Wire, CNET, and BuzzFeed since its launch. In recent years, the app has gained quite a reputation, mainly for being an excellent phone monitoring solution. At the moment, the app has a loyal user base that’s spread out across 5 continents. People from 190+ countries make use of the app.

If you have searched the internet for a phone tracking solution, whether for iOS or Android, you must have come across Dd3stroyer. It is one of the most popular phone tracking apps today. However, phone tracking is a sensitive area. Since your phone has your private data, it is natural to be wary of any app that claims to track a cell phone.

Therefore, people often find themselves wondering, ‘Can I really trust Dd3stroyer?’ Since I have seen so many people asking the same question, I will answer it today once and for all by giving an in-depth review of Dd3stroyer. Keep in mind that I have written this review after carefully analysing Dd3stroyer and using its each and every feature. I have also evaluated Dd3stroyer outside of these features as well. So without keeping you waiting, let us start with the review:

Dd3stroyer Overview

Dd3stroyer is one of the most popular and most used web applications for tracking Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. It has millions of users in more than 190 countries. With so many feathers in its hat, Dd3stroyer is the most reputed and well-established phone tracking app on the internet. This makes it a reliable choice for anyone wishing to track an iPhone or an Android phone.

This alone makes Dd3stroyer the most preferable option over its competitors and answers the titular question- Yes, you can trust Dd3stroyer if you want to spy on any phone. But to give you a clearer and more transparent picture, let us go into more detail about Dd3stroyer. Keep reading to find out more.

Dd3stroyer’s USP

There are several unique propositions that you will find in Dd3stroyer and are not present in most of its competitors. These include:

No Root or Jailbreak Required:

If you are a tech geek, you will know about rooting or jailbreaking a phone and how it compromises the security of a phone. Yet, most phone tracking apps require you to root or jailbreak a phone in order to track it. However, Dd3stroyer does not require you to root or jailbreak the phone. This adds to the trustworthiness profile of Dd3stroyer.

Stealth Mode:

When tracking any phone, Dd3stroyer offers a unique Stealth Mode that you will not find anywhere else. This makes sure that you never get found out when tracking someone’s phone.

If you are tracking an iPhone, Dd3stroyer doesn’t require you to install any app on the target phone. All it requires are the iCloud credentials of the device to track it.

Therefore, you don’t even need to touch the target iPhone even once when you are tracking it. Hence, the other user never finds out that you are tracking them. You can use Dd3stroyer’s iOS and android spy app.

If you are tracking an Android or iPhone, you do have to install an app on the target phone (as is the case with any other phone tracking service for Android and iPhone). However, Dd3stroyer’s app for iPhone is a bit different.

Once installed, the app icon vanishes from the app menu on the other user’s phone. Further, the app size is less than 2 MB and it installs within seconds. It is designed to drain no battery at all.

And when you wish to uninstall this app, you can do it remotely from Dd3stroyer’s control panel, that opens on any device’s web browser. Why not check Dd3stroyer’s Android spy app?

Web-Based Interface:

When you are using Dd3stroyer, you wouldn’t have to download and install any app on your phone or PC to track the other device. Dd3stroyer works through a web dashboard that opens in ANY web browser of your choice.

This gives you a whole new level of portability and enables you to track the target user through any device. All you will need is the username and password of your Dd3stroyer dashboard.

Web Demo:

Dd3stroyer gives you a glimpse (actually even more than a glimpse) of how it works before you subscribe to its services. You can check out Dd3stroyer’s demo for free on its website. In fact, it doesn’t even ask you to sign up or even download anything to use its demo.

These special offerings that Dd3stroyer gives cannot be found in most of its other competitors. This lands some points in Dd3stroyer’s favour.

Verdict for Dd3stroyer Phone Tracker and Grade Hacking:

Now that we have evaluated various aspects of Dd3stroyer, let us consider the titular question again - Can I Really Trust Dd3stroyer for Phone Tracking and Grade Hacking?

The question is not about whether Dd3stroyer is a good spy app or not, since most spy apps are usually alike. Dd3stroyer is actually one of the most popular spy apps around now but truth of the matter is that spy apps are generally ineffective. When it comes to phone tracking, and monitoring, you only get the best result by hiring an expert. To request cell phone monitoring service that works, send an email to —

My suggestion would be that you should try out Dd3stroyer ( for yourself and see its benefits and how awesome it is.

What can Dd3stroyer do for you exactly? is capable of giving you access to almost every event happening on the target phone. Here’s what the app can do for you:

Read messages: Dd3stroyer allows you to read text messages and iMessage sent out from the device or received on it. Every message is accompanied by a date and time log. The app is also capable of retrieving deleted texts and iMessage!

Check call logs: The app tracks all calls made or received on the device. Every call entry comes with a timestamp. The app will make a list of the 5 most frequently contacted numbers and share it with you.

View social media activity: Dd3stroyer can monitor a variety of popular social media apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. You can read messages, see exchanged files, and view contacts.

Track locations: Dd3stroyer makes use of the phone’s built-in GPS to track its movements. You can view street names, buildings, and neighbourhoods. The app also integrates 3D street view for extra-accurate tracking.

Access web browser history: You can access the device’s web browser history. You get a list of recently visited websites with site descriptions and timestamps. You can figure out the most-visited sites with this data.

Download media files and crypto wallet phrase: What images and videos are stored on the target device? Dd3stroyer gives you a peek at the photo gallery. You can download any media files here for later viewing. You can creep through to see if any crypto recovery phrase was saved on the device to access the wallet.

Review installed apps: You get to see all the apps installed on the target device. If you’re a parent, you can use this ability to block access to inappropriate apps, such as games or social media.

Dd3stroyer can also read calendar events, show you the SIM card information, and provide access to the contact book, among other things. You get periodic updates about the iOS or Android smartphone’s activity.

What are you waiting for? Get the best cell phone monitoring service by sending your request to — and start monitoring any cell phone today!!!

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